Do YOU Have A Lawsuit Filed?

Do YOU Have A Lawsuit or Other Action Against RCO/NWTS?

We are publishing actions against Northwest Trustee Services and/or Routh Crabtree and Olsen in order to help unify the efforts of consumer protection attorneys who are collaborating to bring these monsters to justice. If you would like YOUR lawsuit published to benefit other victims and attorneys, please send it to:

About This Blog

This blog is a labor of passion. It is born out of the frustration with the prevailing belief that "Trustees" are always "Trustworthy". In the case of Northwest Trustee Services, they are not.

I post any and all news, information and correspondence on this blog as I see fit. All blogs authored by me are, obviously, my opinion. I am not responsible for the opinion of others. This blog does not necessarily endorse by inclusion any information that is presented and it is for the reader to decide the totality of the evidence presented.

This is a non-profit, grass-roots effort and donations are not solicited. INFORMATION is VERY MUCH solicited.

If you have information to submit to this blog, you are encouraged to do so. You may send it to: Likewise, if you have complaints or disagreements with the content of this blog, send them along too, and I will publish them. You are free to use the comment section as well.

Thanks for coming by, there will be much, much more!