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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Foreclosure Corruption Is Alive And Well In Olympia, Washington. Northwest Trustee Services IS NOT A Neutral Party!!

The banking and foreclosure industry have a very strong influence on Olympia.  There is no mistake that certain associations make this very obvious.

State Senator Steve Hobbs is a co-chair on the state senate Financial Institutions, Housing & Insurance committee.  Many of the foreclosure related legislation passes through this committee.

He has sponsored foreclosure industry favorable bills in the past

“The bill had been introduced Thursday, Jan. 26, by Sen. Steve Hobbs, D-Lake Stevens, and was scheduled for a hearing Wednesday, Feb. 1, in Hobbs’ committee on financial institutions, housing and finance. Hobbs took the bill off the calendar Tuesday morning and his staff said it would not be rescheduled.”

“The measure is similar to legislation approved in 2009 in Alaska and described in Tuesday's Crosscut article on RIM Publications, "The strange case of Washington's newest newspaper publisher." The bill was written, WNPA told publishers, by “a contract lobbyist on behalf of large foreclosure trustee law firm,” which would describe Northwest Trustee Services Inc., the region’s largest foreclosure-services company, headed by Anchorage attorney Stephen Routh, who also owns RIM Publications. Spokesmen for Routh and Sen. Hobbs did not return phone calls by 5 p.m. Tuesday.”

Here is campaign contribution info from his recent run for Congress in 2012.

Heavy banking contributions from committees with JP Morgan Chase leading the way, and from the Individuals, leading the way are the principals (Routh, Fennell, Olsen) of the foreclosure empire made up of Northwest Trustee Services and their attorney firm relative (Routh Crabtree Olsen).  The empire is now being branded as RIM (Realty In Motion).

See the RIM story here in this slide deck.  Phase 3 is defined as “Expanding The Empire”.

A bill, ESB 6553, relating to judicial foreclosures was recently dropped and had a hearing the Financial Institutions committee.  One of the co-sponsors of the bill was Steve Hobbs.

At the hearing only one person testified and it was the lobbyist for Realty in Motion, Jim Kainber, who is a very connected political figure in Olympia.  He just so happens to be running for the Washington State Democratic Party Chair.   From 1994 until 2003 Jim served as the executive director of the Washington State Democratic Party.

He just so happens to have served as a campaign manager and spokesman in the past for Senator Steve Hobbs.

This is from his Facebook campaign page,

As a fund raiser by profession, there is no other candidate in this race who is better equipped to set an aggressive budget for party building and achieve it. And as we look toward 2014, we must begin banking for the biggest legislative campaign season in nearly eight years! My connections in Olympia are deep and broad, and more than anyone else, I am able to bring new money to the table from special interests, but I am also widely regarded as someone who built the grassroots, low-donor programs that for decades have funded the Party, as well as some of our key elected officials and others.

A well-connected advocate

Dozens of elected officials Jim worked with in politics helped him navigate life as a successful lobbyist in Olympia. He served as one of the top lobbyists advocating locally for President Barack Obama’s education agenda for three years, as well as Seattle-based Centerstone, the state’s largest predominantly African American social-service agency, and the state’s largest trustee company.

In the past 3 legislative sessions we have seen homeowner advocate and land record protection bills (outside of the foreclosure fairness act bill that only deals with mediations (FFA)) sponsored by a few good politicians, but only to be ignored or quickly killed.

Who’s best interests are being represented in Olympia?  The facts speak for themselves.

The more that this is highlighted and shared, then possibly more people and those that can actually do something about it, will take notice and understand the people of Washington State are what really matter and not the financial industry and their hired guns.

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