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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Chat With Security at a Northwest Trustee/Routh Crabtree (RCO) "Public" Auction

From all of us working and suffering behind the scenes at the hands of these monsters, THANK YOU Christopher King!

The Deed of Trust Act specifically stipulates that all foreclosure auctions be held in a public place and be accessible by the public. This video is yet MORE illustration on what really happens in Washington State in the Seattle area when a peaceful NON-Investor chooses to attend the auction with a camera.

I also know of friends who have video of attempts to trespass them from attending these auctions (Which are held in the RCO PARKING GARAGE!) simply for attending and peacefully holding a protest sign. This is how RCO views foreclosure auctions: as their own property and they like to choose who can and cannot attend. How much longer will our Attorney General allow this? He knows about it, but chooses, mysteriously, to let it continue.

For MORE by the great Christopher King, and to see more of his outstanding work CLICK HERE

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