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Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Face of Evil: Northwest Trustee Services-The West's "David J. Stern"

It seems Northwest Trustee Services and their “sister” lawfirm Routh Crabtree Olsen,  was singing about how happy they are because they are bullish on the destruction of hearth and home throughout their little empire of the Inter-mountain West,  Alaska and Hawaii.  In it,  Stephen Routh,  exclaims “There’s misery coming” and then spends the rest of the article bragging about how he intends to make $erious hay from bringing it to a community near you.  You can almost hear his hands rubbing with glee as he counts the money he will make from providing ALL the services a foreclosing party might wish to utilize from substitute trustee services,  to law firm services,  process service,  rental and property management to the main thrust of the story,  how he is buying up small community newspapers so he can pocket the money currently being spent in newspaper advertisements.  Can’t leave a trick on the table,  doncha know?  It seems there is money in Mi$ery.

Needless to say,  it has caused a fair amount of outrage in the title defense community up here.  All of us know RCO,  or rather,  wish we didn’t.  They really are nasty people.  They appear to file false documents with impunity,  quickly invoke the ‘Free House’ whine,  and,  in the collective experience of those who have had the misfortune to deal with them,  generally represent the nastiest of all nasty stereotypes you can think of about lawyers.


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