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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Northwest Trustee Services and Routh Crabtree and Olsen PS Are Selling YOUR Title Report for $39

If you are being foreclosed on by Northwest Trustee Services Inc and Routh Crabtree Olsen PS, take a look at the web site of NW

Apparently they sell your title report to the PUBLIC for $39.00. This is private information about you!

I called the title company that did the report for one of the foreclosed homes and they said they knew nothing about Northwest Trustee Services Inc W selling the report. They said that they didn’t approve, that the title report they issue (that you get charged over $1000+ and then even you cannot get one given to you by the trustee) is private and solely for the trustee and beneficiary.

Routh Crabtree Olsen PS is the actual entity that sends out the report. They are owned by Stephen Routh, attorney. Routh Crabtree acted as the debt collector – so that is then a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act USC 15 1692.

They are divulging private information that they obtained in the course of business being hired by your lender to sue you, and reselling it and making a profit. Deplorable.

In the Northwest Trustee Services web site, it states they’ve performed over 100,000 foreclosures….
BUT they do make mistakes.

Make sure that the assignment of deed of trust and the appointment of successor trustee (naming Northwest Trustee Services Inc) has been recorded in the county where the property is. Often it gets recorded wrong or not at all.

There was one trustee that recently lost in court in WA and had to pay the borrower $250,000 because they didn’t practice “good faith” to all parties. Apparently there was a sale, but they ignored the sale and foreclosed anyway…If you want info about that case:

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