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Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Cop Owning A Bail Bonds Company: ILLEGAL. A Foreclosure Mill Controlling A Foreclosure Trustee Company: ALSO ILLEGAL But It's Happening

On behalf of the UNREPRESENTED Non-Judicial foreclosure victims of fraud in non-judicial states (There are 27 of them, which obviously is the majority of the nation by no small coincidence), I present the following question:

If a police officer cannot own a bail bonds company (and he can't, it's against the law), then why can a foreclosure mill control a foreclosure trustee company by common ownership?  The conflict of interest is impossible to ignore.  Consider for a moment what could naturally be assumed if a cop owned a bail bonds company... he makes money from people getting put in jail.  Yes, that would be a bad thing, I think, don't you?  That's a good law, cops can't own bail bonds companies, neither can judges, corrections officers, or their families. The potential for public harm is too great.  The likelihood of corruption is very high.

By the way: The definition of "Foreclosure Mill" accepted universally is: A firm who handles the complete process of a foreclosure action for their clients.  By this definition (and their own description below) Routh Crabtree Olsen IS a "Foreclosure Mill".  And, foreclosure mills make good money, in case you didn't know, and business has been pretty brisk lately.
FLOUR Mill: Manufactures FLOUR
PAPER Mill: Manufactures PAPER
STEEL Mill: Manufactures STEEL
SAW Mill: Manufactures LUMBER
FORECLOSURE Mill: Manufactures Foreclosure Actions

The bottom line: If profit is made through successful foreclosure action, then it is unacceptable for the beneficiaries of that company's profit to be in a position of authority and exclusive deference to forward a foreclosure's progress outside of the judiciary.
After bringing their attention to multiple, serious material errors in the foreclosure action, borrowers are left TWO choices:
1. Pay an attorney a LARGE retainer (IF they can find one, which is a whole OTHER story) and file a lawsuit.
2. Get foreclosed on.

It is my opinion that Washington State residents are often WITHOUT DUE PROCESS in any form in a foreclosure action.  People who don't have a $10,000 retainer or a law degree are hopelessly doomed to a likely unlawful foreclosure.  This immense conflict of interest is silently churning people into the streets UNCHECKED.  No court appearances, no judge reviewing the docs, nothing.  Just a sign hung on the door saying, "Notice of Trustee's Sale".  If the homeowner is not extremely educated about the legal process, they will be homeless in 120 days.  That's DAMN FAST when you can't even FIND an attorney who knows how to defend a wrongful foreclosure action.  In Washington State, there are arguably about 5 now.  Guess how busy they are?  Uh huh.  Forget it. It's actually that simple.  That is why the bankster created the NON JUDICIAL foreclosure.  It's a dream come true.

Quoted from the Routh Crabtree Olsen website on March 23rd, 2011:
"Routh Crabtree Olsen is uniquely positioned to be a one-stop shop for clients with holdings in the Western United States."

"We are a group of companies based in the Northwest with offices across the West Coast. Our companies include:

Routh Crabtree Olsen, PS: Full service mortgage banking law firm dedicated to the representation of the mortgage banking and default servicing industry
Northwest Trustee Services: Full service Trustee Company providing default services to mortgage lenders (my note: they forgot that they have an obligation to the borrower as well according to Washington State Law, See Cox v. Helenius regarding trustee misconduct)
Northwest Title Company: Growing, full service title insurance agency that specializes in residential and commercial transactions.
FEI: Premier trustee support service provider in multiple states. Your single source for Posting, Service of Process, Publication, Trustee Sales, Property Preservation Services. Nation’s largest non-subscription base Website publicizing property scheduled for Foreclosure Auction."

(my note: Where for $40 ANYONE can order a title report that is arguably only supposed to be available to certain people according to privacy laws.)

 They are in NINE STATES.   Consider their capacity. They are invoicing themselves like crazy, the amounts of which are, of course, added to the BILL TO THE BORROWER, and, incidentally, paid BEFORE the investor receives his money from the foreclosure.


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